Monday, August 11, 2014

Michiko Blomgren

Michiko Blomgren
Software Test Engineer

One of the highlights at the Forum was the genuine respect I experienced in group conversations. Someone suggested that we start by simply greeting each other through the eyes in silence. This simple gesture invited respect and the ability to listen. I enjoyed the group conversations very much as I was able to listen without being disturbed by my own opinions and not tempted to draw conclusions and judge others. This made me feel very comfortable, calm and connected. We did not engage in a competition between views, but there was rather an appreciation of the diversity of views in the group. There was a sense of relating as human beings, on a deep level. It created a lot of hope in my heart. I realised that we were positioned in self-respect. I also realised that when I am able to respect myself I do not quickly feel threatened or urged to position myself in relation to the views expressed by others, but instead my ability to listen increases and what I share holds more meaning. This made me think that when I feel that others do not listen to me it is likely that it is because I am not positioned in my self-respect at the time. When I lack self-respect I beg for respect from others and instead of a real connection with the other I become busy with my own neediness and the things I share are not very meaningful or clear. Self-respect is important to cultivate, it supports both the self and others.

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