Monday, September 8, 2014

Julia Arellano Sullivan

Julia Arellano Sullivan
Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, 
Co-Founder, Latino Business Action Network,
Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA

The Forum was unique in its practice of fully engaging mind, body, and spirit. Every participant had a "stage-worthy" story to tell of an amazing journey of truly changing the world. And yet, everyone came with a powerful humility and desire to learn that was beyond inspiring. I appreciated Horst-Henning Wolf saying with conviction that "practicing love and compassion in business was hard work, not easily done, not always welcomed or understood" and that i was worth all the courage and effort it took to do it. Ultimately, I was reminded that bringing love and compassion to governance is an "inside job." Finding a community of like-minded global leaders with audacious vision and compassionate hearts sustains me to this day. 

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