Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sophie Vrolijk

Sophie Vrolijk 
Dancer from The Netherlands

My experience from the Spirit of Humanity Forum

As one of the youngest participants at the Forum in April, the first big forum I have ever attended, I received one of my greatest gifts in life. Meeting smiles, looking into sparkling eyes, feeling the energy of others. A connection with a magic twist. I got the feeling that I had already known participants for years as I met them although they were all new to me. I felt at home, that we all had the same passion for life. Thanks for creating this. With my little red folding bike from Amsterdam, I enjoyed every little adventure during the Forum and outside in the nature of Iceland.

One week after my return to the Netherlands, I went to Venezeula. My boyfriend was living there and we hadn't seen each other for eight months. With the energy I brought from the Forum I was able to keep a feeling of peace and love in my body while I was staying in one of the most dangerous countries of the world. And a strong grounded open connection was created between me and my boyfriend. We were able to decide to give each other the freedom to no longer tie each other to ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend after three years of close relationship. There still is no single emotion of pain, sadness or loneliness. I want to share with you how the power of understanding, having peace with every situation and feeling love for your own body and others can bring you in this state in every place of the world.

Now, as I am just being graduated from the Dance Academy and cancelling my student room in Amsterdam, there is a whole new chapter opening for me. I am travelling around the world, just being and creating with all the things I experience, exploring with the tools of my body without planning anything in advance. 

Participating at the Forum inspired me think and to propose a new idea. How would it be to have a space at conferences/trainings/workshops where people can experience through movements, using their bodies, not only by talking and listening? How about creating a space where we can experience stories/theory through the use of our bodies, through being it. To make stories your own truth and not only the truth of those who share them. Hereby it would be easier to translate your own new explored truth in practice to your daily life at work/home/friends.

I am passionate about activating people to listen, trust and follow the signals of their own bodies, in order to liberate their (restrained) thoughts. There are so many hidden magical places we still can go. I would very much like to explore this with you.


  1. Sophie, you brought the forum to life with your smile, your dance and your love of people and place. Best wishes for the career you deserve which lies excitingly ahead. Clive.