Friday, February 20, 2015

The 3rd Local SoH Forum Review

The 3rd Local SoH Forum was held in Harrogate on
2 February 2015!

We had another inspiring local forum in Harrogate where many of the challenges shared were regarding the achievement of balance in people’s lives. We chose to explore the challenge of a man who works most of the week as an IT manager with the National Health Service in the UK and the rest of the time as a coach with a particular interest in values-centred development. His challenge was about how to achieve a good balance between these two roles and whether there was scope to integrate his passion for people and organisational development within his “employed” work. He had tried previously to exploit the synergy of his skills and values within the NHS but so far had been unsuccessful. The thoughts and questions of forum members were insightful and creative, providing him with some great avenues to explore. Since the forum he has been back in touch with good news that new opportunities are already emerging.

The 5th Local Spirit of Humanity Forum is announced!
6pm for 6:30pm-8:30pm on Monday 23 March 2015
Located at the Primeast Office, 5 Greengate, Cardale Park, Harrogate HG31GY, UK

Would you like to participate? Please contact:

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