Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clive Wilson

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Director at Primeast Ltd. based in Harrogate, UK. 


My passion in life, and how it connects to the theme of "The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance":

Primeast is a global consultancy specialising in leadership, organisational change and teamwork.  My personal passion is for the power of purpose, which is the subject of the book I'm writing and which I intend to share at the Forum. The book is DESIGNING THE PURPOSEFUL ORGANISATION - how to inspire performance beyond boundaries, due for publication by Kogan Page in February 2015.

For me purpose is spiritual.  All of life, everything we know has a purpose.  At the most fundamental level, I believe our common purpose is to co-create our world and enjoy the process.  Within this, we all have our own unique contribution to make, our personal purpose.  This is also contextual in that it shifts with time, place and need.  

Love and compassion has a lot to do with acknowledging our purpose and that of others, understanding the way these might conflict and seeking ways to collaborate and harmonise.  The work I do with organisations in strategic alignment is related to this.  At Primeast, we're very much about facilitating space and conversation so people can work better together in support of a compelling future. 

I'm so looking forward to attending Spirit of Humanity as it seems to sum up my personal purpose at the deepest level.  Most of all I look forward to collaborating with like minded people and taking action to make this precious planet of ours more compassionate and loving so more people will spend more time smiling and less time in pain. 

Personal Quote

DZUKANI  - wake up to the power of your personal purpose and that of those around you.
My favorite word, Dzukani, it is a wonderful word from the Chewa tribe in Malawi - it means wake up!

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